Freedom is: 300 pounds and naked on stage

USA! USA!! USA!!! Now that I have that out of my system, today’s freedom post is about a hardcore punk Canadian band called Fucked Up. The band’s lead singer, 300-pound Damian Abraham, cuts himself and gets naked in concert. Can you handle any more freedom? USA! USA!! USA!!!

Fucked Up made the most exciting album of 2008 (“The Chemistry of Common Life”). The 2006 release “Hidden World” and the 2007 album “Epics in Minutes” are excellent, too. This isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s real heavy-duty punk rock. You can see for yourself at Pitchfork fest.

Speaking of freedom, Abraham was drawn into a patriotic melee started by Fox News after one of the network’s personalities disparaged the Canadian military earlier this year. In an even stranger twist, Abraham, who also goes by the name Pink Eyes, was invited to become a regular Fox commentator. Check out the second video below to hear Abraham talk about his Fox news experience. Oh Canada!

Color Removal – Fucked Up

Dance Of Death – Fucked Up

Crooked Head (Daytrotter session) – Fucked Up


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