New music roundup: Woods, Club 8, Moon Duo

There’s plenty of new music that hasn’t made its way into posts but is worth a listen. Here’s the first in a occasional series of posts to round up stuff I meant to write about earlier.

Moon Duo (Sanae Yamada and Erik Johnson of Wooden Shjips) released the four-song album Escape last month. These guys sound a lot like Wooden Shjips (heavy psychedelic).

Sweden’s Club 8 is generating a lot of buzz with its electro-pop single Western Hospitality in advance of its album The People’s Record (out in May).

Of course there’s a lot of excitement about the new Caribou album, Swim, following the release of the single Odessa. The new album is expected next month.

Woods is promoting its new album At Echo Lake with the release of I Was Gone.

Finally, the ’60s-sounding Strange Boys released the album Be Brave last month.

Stumbling 22nd St. – Moon Duo

Night Might – Strange Boys

I Was Gone – Woods

Odessa – Caribou

Western Hospitality – Club 8


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