Arcade Fire is Lolla’s saving grace

Maybe I’m underwhelmed by the Lollapalooza lineup because the names of all six headliners were leaked earlier. And now that it’s official, it doesn’t make it any better.

The bands don’t universally suck. Arcade Fire is great and can play to a massive crowd. Phoenix is getting a big break and could very well rise to the occasion. The Strokes are a wild card. They could be great but who knows? These guys haven’t played together for some time.

Now to the other half: Lady Gaga, Green Day and (are you kidding me?) Soundgarden.

Sure there are dozens of worthwhile and even excellent bands playing the earlier slots. But to justify the price (single day tickets usually top $80 and three-day passes are selling for $215), Soundgarden doesn’t add up. And why Lady Gaga? How does she fit in to the fest’s indie or alternative spirit?

Click here for the rest of the lineup (no schedule yet and more on Lolla later).


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