No Age makes a rock album

There’s already a lot of chatter about the new No Age album, Everything In Between, a month before its release. Leaked recently, Everything In Between, is the most straightforward rock album No Age has made, and it’s the most accessible.

That’s not a bad thing. After a couple of listens, I really like this album and I’m a huge fan of Weirdo Rippers.  I like to see bands stretch and try new things. While new for the L.A. duo, the songs have a familiar ring from a historical standpoint. Fever Dreaming sounds like a classic punk song (with a No Age twist), while the first single, Glitter, has a ’90s-era Sonic Youth feel. Valley Hump Crash doesn’t sound anything like a No Age song with its upbeat indie tempo.

We were already seeing the band’s progression with the 2008 release Nouns. Everything In Between (out Sept. 28) just takes it a little farther.

No Age opens shows for Pavement in Chicago and Milwaukee in a couple of weeks.

Glitter – No Age


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