Atlas Sound releases free albums

Two free albums released in two days? Maybe Bradford Cox feels others are trying to one up him for giving away music and he’s striking back? Cox is offering two Atlas Sound releases, Bedroom Databank Vols. 1 and 2 here. He’s given away Atlas Sound and Deerhunter songs in the past. But no-cost, full-album releases are less common. Lately, there seems to be more full-length freebies offered by both new and established artists.

Gregg Gillis just offered his latest Girl Talk album for free. Kanye West released early versions of songs off the just-released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. New Zealand buzz band Secret Knives is offering its album for free.

UPDATE: Bradford Cox is unstoppable! On Wednesday, he released Volume 3 of Bedroom Databank. That’s 14 more songs — 41 total. Once again, go here to download.

Here’s the Atlas Sound song Shelia off of last year’s excellent Logos album (you have to pay for it):

Shelia – Atlas Sound


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