Jayhawks at the Vic: ‘Hollywood’ was killer

The reunited Jayhawks played the first of two nights at the Vic Thursday, performing all of the classic ’90s album Hollywood Town Hall. The band then played a series of outtakes, new songs, a cover and even dipped into Tomorrow the Green Grass. (The Jayhawks play that album in its entirety tonight.)

The Hollywood portion of the show was amazing. Hearing Gary Louris and Mark Olson harmonize on those songs (not a bad one in the bunch) was worth the pricey admission. Once the band ran through the album’s 10 songs, the rest of the show was a bit of letdown.  To be fair, how do you top your best album?

Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass were just reissued. Both include tracks that weren’t on the originals. I’m not a big fan of Tomorrow but I can see why the title track was left off the orginal release. That was one of the outtakes played last night.

The video below is the only footage from last night I can find on YouTube (I’m sure there will be more). The song Tampa to Tulsa is actually from the last Jayhawks album, Rainy Day Music, which was recorded eight years after Olson left the band. A couple years after Rainy Day, Louris and the rest of the band called it quits.

UPDATE: Here’s another video from Thursday night:


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