New indie releases: Yuck leads the pack

There are a slew of new releases today. My top pick is the debut album by Yuck.

When I think of  ’80s music, I think of a lot of different styles. Yuck’s guitars remind of mid- to late ’80s Dinosaur Jr. and maybe a little bit of My Bloody Valentine. Give a listen to the song, Holing Out, posted below. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s very good stuff. I highly recommend the album.

Fans of the Vivian Girls can indulge in two spinoff bands. La Sera is Katy Goodman’s side project. That self-titled release is out today. The Babies, a collaboration with Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone and Woods bassist Kevin Morby, also released its first album. I like both offerings from these side projects.

Holing Out – Yuck

Devils Hearts Grow Gold – La Sera

Meet Me In The City – The Babies

Among the other notable releases: Mogwai’s Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. See my post from last week.

UPDATE: After  a short U.S. tour with Chicago’s Smith Westerns U.K.-based Yuck will make a second swing through the states. The band plays Lincoln Hall May 3 with Tame Impala.

See a pair of NSFW Yuck videos after the jump.

And here’s a live video:


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