Classic Chicago punk ‘Busted at Oz’ reissued

A lot of the bands in the 2009 movie You Weren’t There: A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984 don’t even register as a footnote for punk rock’s broader narrative. That’s too bad. The bands were good and they had something to say. Several of them played a gig at the Double Door last fall. Pioneering punks Tutu and the Pirates played their own shows last year.

The Oz club and the long out-of-print comp album Busted at Oz figured prominently in the movie. Now you can buy a newly released copy of the album. Permanent Records just reissued a limited vinyl edition of Busted at Oz. The record features Naked Raygun, Silver Abuse, Effigies and others. You can pick the LP up at Permanent’s store. But hurry. A hundred red vinyl versions were almost sold out by Saturday afternoon. Permanent still has black vinyl editions, however. Profit from the project is going to charity.


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