Punk Planet founder Dan Sinker is Twitter’s MayorEmanuel

For months, Twitter’s fake Rahm Emanuel kept Chicagoans entertained with hysterical spot-on observations and plenty of profanities. In recent weeks there was a push from the local media to figure out who was behind the joke. MayorEmanuel’s Twitter bio: Your next motherfucking mayor. Get used to it assholes.

The Atlantic outed the man behind the tweets today and the creator of @MayorEmanuel is fessing up. Dan Sinker founded and ran one of Chicago’s best-known zines, Punk Planet, from 1994 until 2007. He now teaches at Columbia College and this afternoon was hiding inside his house. “Every TV station in Chicago is currently outside. Fuck,” Dan says on his other Twitter account.

MayorEmanuel’s last tweet was February 23, a day after the real Rahm Emanuel won the mayor’s race.


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