Hard Boiled Records shuts down after 15 years

One of my favorite Chicago music stores, Hard Boiled Records, is shutting its doors after 15 years in business. Owner Mark Ferguson says he’s moving to Austin, Texas. He hopes to start an online business there. Hard Boiled’s last day is this Sunday, August 7. If you’re at the Retro on Roscoe street fest this weekend, stop by. Everything in the store — records, 45s, CDs, DVDs, VHS, comic books — is marked way down.

Mark introduced me to some amazing music over the years but he also is responsible for my taste in action movies. The guy is an encyclopedia on certain movie genres, including Hong Kong action, martial arts, samurai and vintage kung fu. Years ago, he used to rent movies, including tons of cult and obscure offerings. The store is named after John Woo’s classic movie, arguably one of the best action films ever made.

We’ll miss you Mark. I’m told Deadwax Records, which recently closed its nearby Lincoln Avenue store (just north of Grace) will be taking the Hard Boiled spot.


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