Ten must-see Lollapalooza sets

It’s too big, very expensive and full of douchebags. But this year’s sold-out Lollapalooza also includes a great mix of shows over three days. Here’s the ATYP guide to recommended sets.

Girl Talk, Friday. This will be a big party thrown by the mashup master. The throngs will be either at one of the big stages to see Coldplay or Muse. But this show will be more fun.

Death from Above 1979, Saturday. This late afternoon show features the reunited duo. Expect a loud, hyperkinetic set.

The Cars, Sunday. The Cars married new wave with classic ’70s rock. The first two albums made in the late ’70s were far better than the band’s ’80s hits. Hopefully, the band has some gas left in the tank (rimshot).

Foo Fighters, Sunday. For all the lameness in recent years, Dave Grohl still puts on a good show. Two hours, though?

Arctic Monkeys, Sunday. Still a very good, exciting band.

Big Audio Dynamite, Saturday. Between the Cars and Big Audio Dynamite, let’s hope for something as entertaining as the Devo reunion last year. Ex-Clash guitarist Mick Jones fronts BAD. So that alone should make it worth seeing.

Titus Andronicus, Sunday. It’s way early in the day (12:45 p.m.) but, hey, these guys give it their all no matter what time they play.

Black Lips, Saturday. Great garage rock band.

Cults, Friday. Here’s a chance to see a catchy, fun, energetic buzz band. (Cults play Empty Bottle tonight.)

The Joy Formidable, Sunday. The set overlaps a little with Titus Andronicus. Big, epic songs. Sounds like ’90s alternative bands like the Breeders.


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