New album: Field Music’s ‘Plumb’

Every Saturday morning, Chicago radio station WXRT features its Flashback program of four hours of music from one year. When I listen to the new album by Field Music, I feel like I’m listening to Flashback 1973 or ’74. It was in those years that adventurous FM radio stations (like XRT) played Genesis and other bands that ruled the euphemistically named progressive rock genre.

While prone to excess, one thing these progressive rock bands knew was how to build grand soundscapes.

What Field Music (Brit siblings Peter and David Brewis) successfully do on Plumb is harvest the best parts of that era’s musical style. The songs are short and the pace is brisk. The album clocks in at just under 36 minutes. Plumb wasn’t an immediately likable album for me (which is probably the opposite of anyone who likes this style of music). But for that reason, I think there’s more interesting things at work here. Plus these guys actually have something to say.

A New Town – Field Music


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