Royal Baths, Black Bananas lead list of scuzziest recent releases

If you enjoy music that’s kind of messed up — the kind that makes you want to bathe when you’re done listening — I have a couple of recommendations.

Royal Baths is frankly depressing and disturbing but the sound intrigues. There’s the obvious nod to the Velvet Underground. But these guys stretch much farther than the Velvets to shock. Check out this video:

Royal Baths’ new album, Better Luck Next Life, was just released last month.

Darling Divine – Royal Baths

Jennifer Herrema is an old hand at really f’d-up music. As a teen-ager, she and boyfriend Neil Hagerty formed Royal Trux in the late ’80s. The couple made music for another decade as Royal Trux, a sort of trailer trash version of Sonic Youth. Herrema then formed RTX. That project has now become Black Bananas. Rad Times Xpress IV, the new album by Black Bananas, is probably best enjoyed as a party background. What kind of a party? The type in which you have a lot of fun but wake up with a killer headache in the morning.

Rad Times – Black Bananas


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