Girl power: Frankie Rose, La Sera, Hollows

Vivian Girls Katy Goodman and Cassie Ramone were quite productive a year ago. Each just released side project albums as well as a full-length from the band, which was supported by a tour. Now, Goodman is back with a second album, Sees the Light, from her solo effort, La Sera. Yet, another original member of the band — former drummer Frankie Rose — is grabbing the most attention with her new release, Interstellar.

Rose, who plays Township in Logan Square Monday night, really distances herself from the Vivian Girls sound on Interstellar.  The album has much more in common with ’80s mainstream and indie pop than with the ’60s girl group sound that’s still at the core of the Vivian Girls. In addition to that band, Rose also drummed with the like-minded Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts. Interstellar is even a departure from Rose’s first album, which she recorded as Frankie Rose and the Outs in 2010. The more I listen to Interstellar, the more I like it.

That’s not to shortchange La Sera’s new album, which is very good. Goodman improves on her first album with an exciting half hour of tight and mostly rocking songs. La Sera also is scheduled to play Township on May 15.

Finally, Chicago’s Hollows follow the Vivian Girls/Dum Dum Girls model pretty closely. Still, the band turns out a great release despite the seeming oversaturation of this style. Vulture is a lively, fun album that will keep your head bopping. Hollows play Subterranean May 17.


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