New music: Lower Dens’ ‘Nootropics’

I fell in love with Lower Dens’ first album, Twin-Hand Movement, a couple of years ago. The guitar fuzz, the rhythm, Jana Hunter’s voice as an instrument — it all worked so well. The band’s just-released sophomore album, Nootropics, takes a different approach musically: Synthesizer, atmosphere, repetitive electronic sound.

“Some of the records that really influenced us during the making of this record would obviously be krautrock records,” Hunter told Stereogum last month. “I listened to Radioactivity by Kraftwerk pretty much constantly.”

It’s a departure but a good one for the band that yields a strong set of songs. One side observation: Hunter’s vocals have been compared with Beach House’s Victoria Legrand. The Nootropics song Propagation could be mistaken for a Beach House song. All in all, it’s a very good record. Recommended.

Brains – Lower Dens


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