New music: Mount Eerie’s ‘Clear Moon’

Phil Elverum’s songs are not going to show up on any feel-good summertime playlists. His music is far too sullen, in a quiet and intense way. Elverum released his latest album as Mount Eerie, Clear Moon, on Tuesday.

Recorded in a vacated church in Anacortes, Washington, Clear Moon is another album made Elverum’s way. There’s no catchy hit song, no gimmicks, no compromise. Needless to say, he releases his albums on his own label, P.W. Elverum & Sun. You may even quibble whether these are songs. They’re sounds and atmosphere and climactic moments. He promises an “even bigger (weirder) companion album” to Clear Moon, called Ocean Roar, in September.

Describing Clear Moon, Elverum says the album is “part one of a pair of records exploring a living place as a modern questioning person, walking around and looking at things for 80 or so years before disbanding back into dirt.” As I said, it’s not the feel-good hit of the summer but it’s an album I’ll play.

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