Genre-bending U.K. buzz band Alt-J hits Empty Bottle Sunday

There’s been a lot of buzz in the U.K. about Alt-J, an indie band that mixes rock, R&B, dubstep, folk and (you name it) other genres on its intriguing debut An Awesome Wave. That chatter around Alt-J has increased since late May when the band’s album was released in Europe. And I suspect there will be quite a bit of talk in the U.S. about these guys once An Awesome Wave is released here September 18. The album is really fresh and original. The buzz is well deserved.

If you act fast, you may be able to snag a ticket for the band’s Empty Bottle performance Sunday (a small number were just released to the sold-out show). The gig is actually Chairlift’s Lollapalooza after-show. Alt-J opens.

By the way, the name refers to the triangle created on a Mac when you press the alt and J keys.

Check out more Alt-J videos after the jump.

The official video for Tessellate was inspired by the Renaissance painting The School of Athens by Raphael.


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