Guided By Voices, Radar Eyes hit Metro

I have to admit I was far more excited to hear the first Guided By Voices reunion album this year compared to when I learned there would be a second. In all, there will be three GBV albums and at least two solo records from frontman Robert Pollard released this year. Excessive? Not for Pollard. And it’s not like he puts out anything that’s bad. Pollard has just never been one to edit himself.

Take Class Clown Spots a UFO, the second GBV album of 2012. It’s full of highlights (the title track, He Rises! Our Union Bellboy, Keep It in Motion) but are all 21 songs on the release amazing? Of course not. That said, I’m glad GBV is back. The band features the mid-90s “classic” lineup behind Pollard, the guys who made Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes.

GBV plays Metro Saturday with Chicago’s very cool Radar Eyes opening. The show will set you back $36.

Class Clown Spots a UFO – Guided By Voices

Also see New Guided By Voices song: ‘Class Clown Spots a UFO’ and Guided By Voices’ album takes trip back to ’90s


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