Animal Collective returns to earlier sound on Centipede Hz

After more than a dozen years, Animal Collective continues to challenge its audience. Three years ago, the band made a surprisingly ethereal album in Merriweather Post Pavilion. If you were thinking the band’s latest, Centipede Hz, would be a sequal to that release, you would be wrong. The long-awaited follow-up Centipede (out today) has much more in common with the most raucus sounds of Strawberry Jam and earlier Animal Collective offerings.

The beginning of the new album has a particularly aggressive one-two punch: Moonjock and Today’s Supernatural. Those two songs set the tone for the album, which is dominated by singer Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner). Not every song is as jolting as the openers but there’s nothing resembling My Girls on Centipede. Personally, I loved Merriweather, picking it as the best release of 2009. But I find a lot to like in Centipede, too.

The band previewed Today’s Supernatural at last year’s Pitchfork fest:


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