Heavy Rotation: Woods, Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees

I’m digging the onslaught of excellent releases in recent weeks and months. Here’s a sample of some of the best music I’ve heard lately.

WoodsBend Beyond. On last year’s Sun & Shade, Woods stretched one song past 7 minutes, while another clocked in at almost 10. That’s not the case with the band’s latest, an airy yet punchy psychedelic trip. The longest song on this album comes in at just more than 3 minutes. The songs are very immediate and accessible. Woods is really a phenomenal band that continues to make music unencumbered by outside influences. Albums are released on the band’s own Woodsist label. And there’s not a bad song on this one.

Sic AlpsSic Alps. This San Francisco band picks up where local comrades Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees left off. It’s garagey but a little funkier than Ty and Thee Oh Sees. While the album opener, Glyphs, sounds much like a Ty Segall song, I’m thrown by the second song, God Bless Her, I Miss Her, with its choogling rhythm.  Like all the band’s I’m featuring in this post, Sic Alps draws from the ’60s psychedelic sound.

Thee Oh SeesPutrifiers II. Speaking of Thee Oh Sees, John Dwyer and Co. has a new album to blow your mind. The album opens in typical fashion for this band with a thumping rocker, Wax Face.  But by the third song, So Nice, the band shifts gears to a Velvet Underground-style number. Lupine Dominus is a nod to krautrock. There’s other experimentation, like the short Cloud #1, but it’s mostly just great songs. Thee Oh Sees play Logan Square Auditorium with Segall Friday.

Flood’s New Light – Thee Oh Sees


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