Best new release: The Mountain Goats’ ‘Transcendental Youth’

Transcendental Youth is the first album by John Darnielle’s longtime band, the Mountain Goats, that has truly stood out to me. I recognize Darnielle’s genius as a songwriter, someone who has a lot to say about uncomfortable subjects. Bleak stories dominate Transcendental Youth as well but much of the album’s music has an uplifting quality about it. Maybe it’s the horn section that makes a song like Cry for Judas sound like a Van Morrison tune? Elsewhere, Darnielle slows the tempo on songs, like Until I Am Whole. It’s a compelling group of songs — strong from beginning to end. This is a highly recommended new release.

Here’s a new video for Cry for Judas. Like Darnielle’s songs, there’s a lot going on this video.

Cry for Judas – The Mountain Goats


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