Best new release: Ty Segall’s ‘Twins’

In his mid-20s, Ty Segall draws inspiration mostly from music made decades before his birth. Segall just released Twins, his third album of the year and one that nods stylistically to Stooges, T-Rex, the Beatles and a number of metal, psych- and garage rock bands of the ’60s and ’70s. Twins is a feast of different musical tastes, all cranked up. It’s actually more tame than Segall’s scorcher, Slaughterhouse, released earlier this year, but Twins is still a rocker.

One thing that gave me pause about Twins, is that it’s so instantly likable. Is this just cotton candy? After repeated listens, I don’t think so. It’s truly an enjoyable album like those classic rock releases I instantly fell in love with as a kid. I’m still struggling to declare that it’s Segall’s best. If it’s not, it’s up there.

The Hill , featuring vocals from Thee Oh Sees’ Brigid Dawson, is a highlight:

Here’s Segall on Conan:

Also see, New Music: Ty Segall and White Fence


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