Charles Bradley’s ‘Victim of Love’ recalls soul classics

Charles Bradley pic

Strictly Reserved for You, the first song off Charles Bradley’s new album, Victim of Love, has a classic Al Green feel to it. It’s a strong opening to an album with an old-time feel throughout.

Bradley, a former James Brown impersonator now in his 60s, is a true soul man with a painful past who has only made two albums. I suppose these records could be dismissed as revivalist gimmicks but there’s an honesty to Bradley’s songs. I can’t embrace every track on Victim but when he’s on, Bradley is taking me back to another era — the ’60s and ’70s soul heyday — and it’s a very cool experience.

Aside from Strictly Reserved for You, the other highlights include Let Love Stand a Chance and Confusion. I also like the ultra-groovy Where Do We Go from Here?

Following his impressive 2011 debut, No Time for Dreaming, Bradley is more on than off on Victim.

If you’re going to Lollapalooza, check him out on Saturday (August 3).


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