New music: Wampire debuts with ‘Curiosity’

Between the jokey name, the silly album art and a funny video, it would be easy to dismiss Wampire as a novelty act. But then you’d be denying yourself a whole lot of enjoyment. Wampire’s debut, Curiosity, is instantly likable from start to finish. It’s a mix of electronic and traditional rock instruments performed by the Portland duo of Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps. They’re assisted on the album by producer and bassist Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. If you’re familiar with UMO, you’ll no doubt hear Portrait’s influence.

Describing the overall sound of Wampire is difficult. Curiosity is a genre-leaping album. “We realized the record began to stray away from having a ‘sound’ and gradually became a platter with an assortment of sounds,” Phipps is quoted as saying in publicity material. Personally, I’m hooked and I can recommend the album.


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