No Age gives Chicago a taste of new album

As fans, we can be pretty fickle. We want our favorite bands to keep growing and offering us new, interesting sounds. But if the experimentation veers too far from the music that initially drew us to a band, well, that’s just no good.

No Age takes chances on An Object, an album that is (for the most part) a lot more quiet, slower and quite a bit more experimental than even the band’s last release, the 2010 album Everything In Between.  Indeed, No Age has come a long way from the hammering sound of Weirdo Rippers, a collection of singles that hailed the return of punk and noise to indie music. Weirdo Rippers is an indie milestone that put teeth back into indie rock.

Now that No Age, the duo of  drummer Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall, have completed their musical community service, why shouldn’t they stretch creatively? You can catch No Age at two Chicago shows this week. The band plays the unique Station to Station (at Union Station) Tuesday and Schubas Friday.

UPDATE: No Age also plays an early show at Empty Bottle Saturday.


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