Ty Segall’s Fuzz takes journey back to stoner age

Time to get those bongs out as Ty Segall and friends take you on a hazy journey back to the days of hard rock jams and the sweet stench of tasty buds. It’s the heavy sound of early ’70s rock, the kind that played on turntables in shag-carpeted rooms to the accompaniment of bubbling bong water.

The eight songs on Fuzz’s just-released self-titled debut album are a contrast to Segall’s latest release from August, Sleeper. That album features a lot of strumming and a slowed-down tempo, at least compared with many of Segall’s other albums and projects. While Sleeper recalls last year’s Twins (a 2012 favorite), it is much more comparable to the 2011 album Goodbye Bread.

Fuzz, on the other hand, is a sometimes bombastic ode to the grandfathers of heavy metal. It’s a fun album, for sure, and recommended. Fuzz is three players and, though he sings, Segall actually puts his guitar aside to be the band’s drummer. Joining Segall on guitar is his longtime buddy and touring band mate Charlie Moothart, who also appeared on the Ty Segall Band’s epic Slaughterhouse.  Roland Cosio rounds out the band, playing bass.

Fuzz is scheduled to open for the Men at Logan Square Auditorium October 18. The video below is for the song This Time I’ve Got a Reason, off an EP released earlier this year.


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